Postdoctoral fellows

If you are interested in doing a postdoc in the lab, please apply by sending your CV, reference information, and a cover letter with your research background, interests and goals to iwitten@princeton.edu.

We are also looking for a postdoctoral fellow as part of a new international theory/experimental collaboration (IBL). The goal of the project is to identify brain-wide mechanisms underlying reward- and sensory- guided decisions (news coverage here). From the IBL website: “The postdocs on this project will participate directly in guiding the experimental, data analytical and/or theoretical aspects of the IBL. Postdocs, though based in individual labs, will also be identified directly with the project as a whole, and will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with experimental and theoretical labs throughout the project. Postdocs will directly benefit from the collaborative nature of the project, given the unique access to resources and experimental/theoretical expertise. Therefore, they will likely be more productive than possible working in a more ‘traditional’ postdoc role.” Candidates interested in being part of this project and being based at Princeton should apply by sending their CV and reference information to iwitten@princeton.edu.


Research assistant

A research assistant position could be ideal for someone who plans to apply to graduate school in neuroscience and would like more lab experience beforehand. If interested, please send your CV and reference information to iwitten@princeton.edu, as well as a cover letter describing your background and interests, and why you want to join the lab.

Graduate students

If you are already a graduate student at Princeton and are interested in the lab, feel free to contact me about a rotation. You can apply to be a graduate student at Princeton through the Neuroscience Institute or the Psychology Department.