Principal Investigator

___Ilana Witten, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows

Technical manager

Research Specialists

Graduate Students

Undergraduate students


Lindsay Willmore (next: research engineer at Deepmind)

Victoria Corbit (next: Director of Scientific Services at NDRI)

Weston Fleming (next: postdoctoral fellow at UW)

Ben Engelhard (next: assistant professor at Technion)

Akhil Bandi (next: grad student at Carnegie Mellon)

Cameron Hayes (next: med student at Harvard)

Julia Cox (next: assistant research professor at Northwestern)

Laura Haetzel (next: graduate student at UC Berkeley)

Clare Choi (next: postdoctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins)

Lili Cai (next: data scientist at Nielsen)

Nathan Parker (next: postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller)

Malavika Murugan (next: assistant professor at Emory)

Courtney Cameron (next: project scientist at UCLA)

Heejae Jang (next: graduate student at NYU)

Sharon Ornelas (next: research assistant at UW)

Josh Taliaferro (next: MD/PhD student at Columbia)

Joel Finkelstein (next: director of NCRI, research scholar at Princeton)

Hessam Akhlaghpour (next: postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller)

Junuk Lee (next: postdoctoral fellow at Princeton)

Michelle Park (next: med student at Tufts)